Videos from 2014 Workshop

On this page you can find the videos from our recent workshop on democratic theory. Many thanks again to all the participants who made in this event so interesting!

For a written report on how the workshop went, please go here.



Mathias Thaler

Session 1

Jeffrey Green

“Plebeian Pleasures: The Idea of Extrapoliticism”

with a comment by Mathias Thaler

Session 2

Carol Gould

“Interactive Democracy: From Cyberspace to the Workplace”

with a comment by Rowan Cruft

Session 3

Mihaela Mihai

“Denouncing Historical ‘Misfortunes'”

with a comment by Philip Cook

Session 4

Andrew Schaap

“The Spectacle of the People in Schmitt and Rancière”

with a comment by Neil Walker