We have organized a workshop at the ECPR Joint Sessions in Pisa. The event, an equal output of the JUDGEPOL and the GREYZONE projects, took place from April 24 to 28 April, 2016. This is how we framed the event:

Understanding political violence involves many different theoretical and practical operations: from examining the social macro-structures that both enable and constrain actors engaging in violence, to investigating the motives and drives of individual perpetrators. A myriad of disciplinary approaches, both in the social sciences and the humanities, contribute to the study of political violence. One aspect, however, has received relatively little attention, even though it is central to a holistic approach to political violence: the faculty of imagination. This workshop brings together political theorists, IR scholars, historians, as well as comparativists to interrogate the role that imagination can play in understanding past, as well as on-going, instances of political violence.

After receiving about 40 applications to present during the workshop last December, we made the selection of participants. The final programme for this event can be found here.

A report on how the event went, written up by Maša Mrovlje and Hugh McDonell can be downloaded here.