Political Violence

Perspectives from Law, History and Political Theory

University of Edinburgh / 24 to 26 June 2015

Room G.02, George Square 50

In June 2015, the University of Edinburgh will offer an interdisciplinary Summer School on Political Violence. This three-day event will give participants the opportunity to benefit from the knowledge of an unrivalled panel of international experts in the field of war and political violence and to receive critical feedback on their own projects. The programme combines people and perspectives from History, Law and Political Science and will involve intensive scholarly discussions and social activities that allow participants to network with each other in a friendly environment in the scenic, culturally vibrant setting of the city of Edinburgh. Participants include a diverse mix of academics, MA and PhD students as well as faculty members from the Social Sciences and Humanities, and practitioners working in NGOs and legal institutions.

List of Faculty

The selection of the participants has now closed. The archived Call for Papers is here.

Condensed Programme

Day 1Perspectives from Law.
Faculty: Manfred Nowak and Christine Bell.
Themes: Human Rights, Political Settlements and Legal Reasoning.

Day 2: Perspectives from History.
Faculty: John Horne and Donald Bloxham.
Themes: Transitions, War and Genocide.

Day 3: Perspectives from Political Theory.
Faculty: Kimberly Hutchings and Elizabeth Frazer.
Themes: Politics, Violence and Theory.

You can view the full programme, including information about the faculty and participants, here.